Advice on Supplement Intake?

The movie producers are not medical doctors and can therefore not given any advice on your personal intake. If you would like to know what vitamins you can take for specific illnesses you should have a look at www.doctoryourself.com where Andrew Saul gives lots of totally free advice. You should also check the sites of the experts in the movie that touched on a subject relevant to you. Google them to find their details.

Can you please give me contact details for a specific expert?

Unfortunately we do not have direct contact details for the experts but if you google them you will be able to find their websites and contact details/forms.

Help, I have a question and need an answer!

Please check the FAQs and if you can’t find your answer there then please send and email to our office by clicking HERE Please note that we cannot give medical advice or recommend vitamin brands, these emails will not receive a response.

I didn't get an email to confirm my order, is something wrong?

All Customers are automatically emailed as soon as their order is processed, this can take up to 30 minutes. Please check your inbox for the email confirmation and remember that it may be in your spam folder! (on Gmail it could be in the promotions tab). If you have not received an email confirmation on your order, please contact us HERE

My Video Keeps stopping and starting?

The vast majority (99%+) of people have no issues. If you are one of the 1%, there is no easy answer to your problem. When you combine different computer systems with different browsers and plug ins, there are thousands of combinations and possible problems. One reason your video may be continuously stopping and starting as you are playing it at a quality which is too high for your broadband speed. To fix this, press the “HD” Button in the bottom corner of the screen, and either choose the “auto” button and let VIMEO automatically determine the best quality selection for your broadband speed, or simply choose a lower quality than it is currently playing at. That may help. Otherwise, you may want to have a look at this – VIMEO ISSUES

What is in the That Vitamin Movie Transcript? Does it have advice on vitamin intake etc?

No, the transcript is literally just that. It is the transcript of the entire movie which an additional note from Trevor, Michael and Andrew.

Where is my Order?

Please bear in mind that orders will be shipped within 5 working days from either the UK or USA so please bear this in mind before contacting us. Most transcript/combo orders are shipped from our office in the UK so please make sure you allow at least 3-5 days shipping time. If your order hasn’t arrived within a reasonable time frame given these circumstances please email [email protected] NOTE: Combos are always shipped from our office in the UK sometimes customs in the USA hold up delivery time and in worst case scenario it has taken 5-8 weeks for it to reach the customer. Unfortunately custom delays are completely out of our control but we do try to do everything we can to get it to you as soon as possible.